Beautiful nature pictures

Beauty of Art and Images for you On this page,  i am looking for my readers the art, beauty, creativity, impressionism …. where are, in our life Beautiful nature pictures I hope you find great pleasure Forest in Switzerland Author: bulbocode909. Source: In Doubs, the Jura, on the French and Swiss border. Author:Sylvain Abdoul Photographie. Source: … Lire la suite Beautiful nature pictures

My latest artistic creations

My latest artistic creations 4 digital creations: Thread: Nature, flowers Style: Impressionism Technique: tachism Prohibited to download these images.   To have a copy click here Blooming thorns_B008 Light tree_B009 Cactus with purple flowers_B010 Crown of thorns_B011  

My 106th painting: « Sunny Mountains »

My 106th painting TITLE PAINTING: Sunny Mountains  ARTIST: ALOZADE Ahmed DESCRIPTION: Dear friends Charming artistic creation of an imaginary nature, very romantic with: The Mountains that go away, the multicolored sky, the heights of the reliefs, the trees of the forest, and above all, the lights of an orange sun, reflected in The rocks of … Lire la suite My 106th painting: « Sunny Mountains »

My 46th painted picture (Mon 46e tableau)

With real elements of nature, I imagined a creation full of beauties, which is based, above all, on the succession of bio-climatic stages, with changes, upwards, of conditions, forms and pages of Colors. I hope you like this picture, my dear friends and readers. I name this digital creation “Multicolored Mountains”. ALOZADE A. Avec des … Lire la suite My 46th painted picture (Mon 46e tableau)

My 39th painted picture (Mon 39e tableau)

After two abstract creations, I come back to reality and, above all, to nature (our mother of beauty) .For imagine this lively creation. I concentrate in a single structure of paint, 6 levels of space, high solar energy, complexity, color, botanical and zoological lives and movements of water on Earth, sky and clouds …. I … Lire la suite My 39th painted picture (Mon 39e tableau)