My two recent artistic creations


My two recent artistic creations Beginning of July 2020 Click on the image to enlarge An image of the adolescent psyche, which mixes the two extreme criteria of freedom and exaggeration, seen with a philosophical abstraction. These characteristics that the … Lire la suite

My recent impressionist artistic creation:  « Life and Hope »


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My recent impressionist artistic creation  « Life and Hope » Description: « Life and Hope » is a neo-realistic painting, Its artistic and aesthetic charm resides in its natural subject which brings together many elements of expressive and impressive natural beauty: The sunset, the … Lire la suite

My new-realistic creation :  » Behind the trees « 


My new-realistic creation  » Behind the trees «  Description: « Behind the trees » is a new-realistic painting; Its artistic and aesthetic beauty lies in its natural and romantic subject, its structure, its depth, its family of calm and discreet colors and … Lire la suite