My recent semi-realistic artistic creation


My artistic creations My recent semi-realistic artistic creation « Beyond the urban barrier » « Beyond the urban barrier » is a neo-realistic painting, Its artistic and aesthetic charm lies in its natural image which brings together many elements of expressive and impressive natural … Lire la suite

2 artistic works with 2 different styles


My creations 2 artistic works with 2 different styles Click on images to enlarge In social systems, relationships, communications, and interactions are huge, never-ending, and overly complicated.In the structure of each system, there are elements that focus on oneself for … Lire la suite

My recent expressionist figurative creation: « Hope exists in the holes »


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My recent expressionist figurative creation « Hope exists in the holes«  Description: « Hope exists in the holes » is a naturalistic figurative painting; Its artistic and aesthetic beauty resides in its rich and living natural subject (sky, cloud, deep space, lights, mountains, … Lire la suite