Beauty of Art and pictures for you MUSEUMS (1) KUNSTHISTORISCHES MUSEUM, Vienna, Austria Author: Manfred Werner – Tsui. Source: commons.wikimedia.org The Museum of Art History Vienna (in German: Kunsthistorisches Museum) in Vienna, Austria is an art museum considered one of the world’s first ancient art museums. The Museum of Art History opened its doors on … Lire la suite KUNSTHISTORISCHES MUSEUM, Vienna – Austria

My 41st painted picture (Mon 41e tableau)

In this creation, I collected good natural beauty elements, to form a wet system, extensive, unstable and full of ambiguity that characterizes the Autumn. I call this creation: « Autumn Blue ». Dans cette création j’ai rassemblé des bons éléments de beauté naturelle , pour former un système humide, très varié, instable et plein d’ambiguïté, qui caractérise  l’automne. … Lire la suite My 41st painted picture (Mon 41e tableau)

My 28th painted picture (Mon 28e tableau)

A very pretty realistic artistic creation (I’m proud of it). Here, space, light and color play – together – to give the natural balance, the deeper, the mystery nice and positive, the feeling of excitement and satisfaction, activation of imagination and creativity artistic. None will remain neutral, before a picture like this one. Alozade a. … Lire la suite My 28th painted picture (Mon 28e tableau)