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Do you know this city ? (2)

The answer: SCHAFFHAUSEN Schaffhausen is a Swiss city, capital of the canton of Schaffhausen.It is located in the far north of Switzerland, on the banks of the Rein River, not far from the German borders. It is a small industrial and historic town with a population of 37,000. Image of title, source: flickr / Billy Wilson Visit the catalogs here 👇


Rare images of Manila (2)

Best Places To Travel In 2021 Image source : flickr / Claudia Rosel Look at my artistic works here, before they will be sold Image source : en.wikipedia / Judgefloro  Image source : kabyahe.wordpress Source of title image : image.baidu (hkg.agoda) Look at the other 7 rare images of Manila, in the 1st article, here Calvin Klein Secret Obsession Eau de Parfum 100 ml … Lire la suite Rare images of Manila (2)


Rare images of Budapest

Art and beauty images, for you Rare images of Budapest (Hungary) Title photo: One of busy squares in Budapest ( Author: Theoria Photography. Source: flickr ) Visit my catalog .. here