The charming marine nature of Palau

Best Places To Travel In 2021 Beautiful islands Republic of Palau Republic of Palau, is a country in Oceania located in Micronesia, east of Mindanao (Philippines). It is made up of eight main islands and over 250 small islands.Main island: BabeldaobArea: 478 km2Population: 21,000 inhabitantsCapital: Melekeok (300 inhabitants)Currency: Dollar USA Image of title, source: flickr … Lire la suite The charming marine nature of Palau

Republic of PALAU

ART AND BEAUTY IMAGES FOR YOU The islands of the Pacific Ocean_6 Republic of Palau Rock Islands in Palau. Authhor: Peter R. Binter. Origin image: Located in Micronesia, Palau is located in western Oceania and the Pacific Ocean. The country is divided into sixteen states spread over several hundred islands, of which only … Lire la suite Republic of PALAU