Étiquette : Sculptures not very famous

Sculptures not very famous: … (19) OSLO

BEAUTY OF ART AND IMAGES FOR YOU Sculptures not very famous (19) I have sought, in several countries, artistic beauties, little known; Here’s what I found for you, in: OSLO – NORWAY Stephan Sinding’s statue « Vølund Smed » from 1873 in front of the former National Gallery in Oslo […]

Sculptures not very famous.. (13)

ART AND BEAUTY IMAGES FOR YOU Sculptures not very famous (13) I HAVE SOUGHT, IN SEVERAL COUNTRIES, ARTISTIC BEAUTIES, NOT VERY CELEBRATED; THIS IS WHAT I FOUND FOR YOU: Very old sculptures Bas-relief on a stele representing the sun god Shamash, in the form of a divine statue, enthroned […]

Sculptures not very famous: YEREVAN – Capital of Armenia

BEAUTY OF ART AND IMAGES FOR YOU Sculptures not very famous YEREVAN – Capital of Armenia Place de France, Yerevan Author: Agamitsudo. Source: commons.wikimedia.org The actors of film « The Men » Author: Tamara Areshian. Source: commons.wikimedia.org Sculpture of children’s railroad « Hovaz » Author: Armineaghayan. Source: commons.wikimedia.org   Statue of William Saroyan […]