Étiquette : Surrealism

My 2 recent semi-realistic creations

My artistic creations My 2 recent semi-realistic creations « The reflections of warm light » is a production of the free imagination, which uses elements from nature to create a surreal and semi-natural structure. Its very energetic elements receive lights with warm reflections which ignites sensations and feelings.Date created: July […]

My 79th painting: « Hand of cement »

My 79th painting TITLE PAINTING: Hand of cement ARTIST: ALOZADE Ahmed DESCRIPTION: An abstract artistic creation of the srrealist style, where realistic elements exist in the image in an unrealistic way. Surrealism places great emphasis on the philosophical subject of the image, which classifies the aesthetic attraction for […]

My 75th painting: « Reflect »

My 75th painting TITLE PAINTING: Reflect ARTIST: ALOZADE Ahmed DESCRIPTION: Dear friends This artistic creation is an image that mixes the real and the imaginary, it forms an example of surrealist painting. It brings together simplicity and softness. What do you think ?                         […]

My 72nd painting:  » To the infinite « 

My 72nd painting TITLE PAINTING: To the infinite ARTIST: ALOZADE Ahmed DESCRIPTION: Dear friends This is an abstract artistic creation, where space is very open, very deep and unlimited. The play of lights, perspectives and overlays, are strong. The spectator feels before an open space towards infinity. Objects […]