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« Residences in a mountain environment »

ART and DESIGN My creations « Residences in a mountain environment » Created on September 05, 2021 An artistic creation, in the style of new realism. The environmental subject represents the bio-climatic floors, with the lights, colors and sensations produced by the conditions of these floors.The work is created with an impressionist and tachist technique, very far from classical art and photographic visions. (Original size: 5.13 MB) … Lire la suite « Residences in a mountain environment »


What is tachisme style

ART and DESIGN Painting styles What is tachisme style It may designate all artistic techniques that use spots. In fact, these techniques fall into two categories, corresponding to the two main meanings of the word spot:  1) stain means almost touch: the color deposited by a stroke of brush and forming a separate unit instead of melting into a continuous paste. Tachiste applied himself … Lire la suite What is tachisme style


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