A beautiful Spanish town: Cartagena

Cartagena is a small city in southern Spain, on the Mediterranean coast (216,000 inhabitants). The city of Cartagena was founded by the Carthaginian Hasdrubal the Handsome in 227 BC. J.-C.Cartagena, which was an important mining center (Pomb, silver, Zinc), today benefits from its naval and petrochemical industries and its agricultural activities (olive oil, vegetables, fruits, … Lire la suite A beautiful Spanish town: Cartagena

Rare images of Jacksonville (FL)

Jacksonville (Jax, as the locals call it), is the largest city in the state of Florida in the USA. Its population is 950,000.Jacksonville is the economic metropolis for the Southeastern United States. The most important economic sectors are finance, telecommunications, transport, tourism, media, aerospace, IT and scientific research.In 1822, one year after the cession of … Lire la suite Rare images of Jacksonville (FL)