Étiquette : URBAN DESIGN

Rare images of Guadalajara (2)

Image source : flickr / Wonderlane Image source : commons.wikimedia Image source : flickr / Wonderlane Image of title, source : flickr / Festival Internacional de Ci Face serum: So treat the complexion, acting intensely in depth:

Rare images of Stockholm (2)

Image source : commons.wikimedia / Arild Vågen Image source : commons.wikimedia / Jakub Hałun Image source : flickr / Fredrik Wass Image source : flickr / Florian Meißner Image source : snappygoat.com Image source : flickr / Francisco Antunes Blouses Hollow Out Tassel Blouse without Necklace in Pink. Size: M,L Blouses Hollow Out Tassel Blouse without Necklace in Pink. Size: M,L Item #:476920 Package … Lire la suite Rare images of Stockholm (2)


Rare images of Manila (1)

Best places to travel in 2021 Rare images of Manila Capital of the Philippines Manila, is the capital of the Philippines, and the densest city in the world, with 46,178 inhab./km2. If the city has approximately 1,800,000 inhabitants, its metropolitan area is an urban area with an estimated population of over 16,000,000 inhabitants. The city was founded around 1571 by the Spanish. Manila was occupied … Lire la suite Rare images of Manila (1)


Do you know this city ? (57-b)

THE ANSWER: SAMARA Samara is a city in Russia (its population of 1,200,000 inhabitants), this ancient fortress is located at the confluence of 2 rivers: the Volga and the Samara, in the southwest of the country. It benefits from its proximity to oil fields and companies in the chemical industry and aerospace construction that have played a driving role in its growth. Image of … Lire la suite Do you know this city ? (57-b)


The interesting Rijksmuseum

Beauty images, for you Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam (Amsterdam State Museum), is a Dutch national museum, located in the capital of the kingdom, and devoted to fine arts, craftsmanship and history of the country. It is the largest museum in the Netherlands in terms of attendance and works of art with more than 2 450 000 visitors in 2014 for a fund of about … Lire la suite The interesting Rijksmuseum


Charming urban design of ShenZhen

Best places to travel in 2021 URBAN DESIGN SHENZHEN (China) Charming modern design Located on the edge of Hong Kong, Shenzhen is still largely rural in the 1970s. In 1980, part of its territory acquires the status of special economic zone and becomes one of the main places of experimentation of the policy of opening to Foreign investments. Benefiting from its privileged geographical position, it is enjoying spectacular economic … Lire la suite Charming urban design of ShenZhen


Urban design of ShenZhen(2)

Image source : commons.wikimedia / gdczjkk Author: lzq19840715  . Source: pixabay.com Image source : commons.wikimedia / Wahsaw Image source : commons.wikimedia /Scott Brown Ping An Finance Center, Shenzhen Author: Baycrest . Source: commons.wikimedia.org Title image source : commons.wikimedia / Charlie fong Hello, world! Save on travel with Trip.com

Rare images of Busan (2)

Image source : commons.wikimedia / i.love.marimilk Image source : travelfeeder Image source : commons.wikimedia / 문화재청 Image source : thewiki.kr Image source : namu.moe Image source : pixabay / Baekyoungsuk Image source : commons.wikimedia / Yazan Badran Image source : flickr / Jens-Olaf Walter


Sculptures in Paris

Beauty images, for you Sculptures in Paris During my trip to Paris, I took hundreds of photos that show the beauty of the city of Paris. I present you this images, for the pleasure of your eyes and your artistic spirit.                                         ……….     … Lire la suite Sculptures in Paris


URBAN DESIGN: Cities of Kazakhstan

Best Places To Travel In 2021 URBAN DESIGN Cities of Kazakhstan Check out 6 more images from Kazakhstan here


Cities of Kazakhstan (2)


Urban design: BILBAO

Best Places To Travel In 2021 URBAN DESIGN BILBAO ( Spain ) Bilbao, is a city in the north of Spain of about 350,000 inhabitants), capital of the province of Bizkaia (Bizkaia) and the comarca of Greater Bilbao.It is the most important city of the autonomous community of the Basque Country and the north of the Iberian Peninsula. It is the 10th largest city … Lire la suite Urban design: BILBAO