Traveling in 2022: GUAYAQUIL

Guayaquil is the second city of the Republic of Ecuador, its economic capital and its most important port.The city of Guayaquil, founded in 1537, now has 2,300,000 inhabitants.Due to its position in the equatorial zone, Guayaquil has a tropical climate, with high temperatures all year round.(Today’s temperature in Guayaquil: 28°c 83°F /23°c 73°F ) Image … Lire la suite Traveling in 2022: GUAYAQUIL

Rare images of Oslo

Oslo is the capital of Norway (690,000 inhabitants). It stretches widely around the Oslo fjord and to the northeast.The city is a national center of cultures and the arts, it is also an important rail and port communication hub (it is served by a dense road and motorway network and many suburban trains).The municipality of … Lire la suite Rare images of Oslo

Travel In 2021: BLED (2)

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