Unimaginable Abstract



« Unimaginable abstract » is a name I gave to a style of painting in the category of lyrical abstract; This style is based on the following idea:
The artist prepares a work plan and some basic choices (the families of colors, the large areas of the image, the techniques to be used, etc.). He does not imagine the future image that will arise from his work. He paints according to the tendencies of his emotions and his unconscious desires. the movements of the hands, the spots and the lines of the brushes and other materials create the system and the details of the image, that which changes several times during the work, until the birth of a final image which touches strong the unconscious of the artist and sticks with his feelings, An image which does not represent any thing or real phenomenon, it is impossible to imagine it (before his birth) by a human being.
In this style, the creation – completely opposite to realism – is almost pure.
In this style, it is not the artist’s brain that produces Art, but his unconsciousness and his emotions that create the artistic work.

In short, in this style, it is not the artist’s brain that produces Art, but his unconsciousness and his emotions.
Result: a very complicated, energetic, aesthetic, and lively structure. It is an impressive work.

The imagination, which is based on reality, will remain weak in front of this image, because it can only be revealed with feelings and sensations.

The work is a small image of thinking and producing far from reality.

I am sure that several artists have already worked in this style, without naming it or under another name.


Unimaginable-abstract-1 (2020) [PieceALOZADE Ahmed


Unimaginable-abstract-2 (2020) [Piece] ALOZADE Ahmed


Unimaginable-abstract-3 (2020) [Piece] ALOZADE Ahmed

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