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"Fall" ART and DESIGN You will be able to have this artwork I have chosen, for you, these beautiful works,…

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What is tachisme style (2)

"The Dazzling Outlaw" (1966) by RobertoMatta (1911-2002) "Blue composition" (1965) by Fermín Aguayo (1926-1977) «Yugi» (1992) by Shiraga (1924-) image source:…

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Painting by Takashi Murakami included in the exhibition "The Octopus Eats It's Own Leg" at the Museum of Contemporary Art…

4 mois ago

Art philosophy: contemporary painting (2)

“Abstract Painting (894-2)" (2005) , by Gerhard Richter ( Image source: ) ART PHILOSOPHY Contemporary painting (2) Contemporary art…

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