Étiquette : Abstrait

My 30th painted picture (Mon 30e tableau)

A beautiful abstract painting, which is based on the semi-geometric shapes, direct lines, the five levels and color families. Creating several superimposed levels and dimensions which form the charm of its fabric, and produce emotional background. ALOZADE a. calls this creation: « The five D ». Un très beau tableau abstrait, […]

My 29th painted picture (Mon 29e tableau)

A beautiful digital abstract painting. Technically, I have grouped two color families to present 2 bunk spatial levels: Basically, the fabric very eventful, where green and yellow shape several derivative energetic waves. In the foreground, the 2 colors – violet and black – form attractive round objects. The […]

My 25th painted picture (Mon 25e tableau)

This digital creation is a lovely abstract image. It is performed after long reflection and long analyzes to choose the topic, theme, structure, color families and the realization techniques. The elements geometric surfaces form a very homogeneous group that excites the imagination of the viewer, and pushes it […]

My 22nd painted picture (Mon 22e tableau)

An array of purely abstract digital painting, which uses geometric shapes, lines, color families, lights games … in a homogeneous structure « chic » and « happy. » The cloudy and dark background adds charm to the bright central subject. Alozade called this painting « chic Triangle ». Thank you for letting me your […]

my 21st painting (Mon 21e tableau)

This table is a test in two artistic movements simultaneously: Suprematism: The colors and traits of my painting represent no reality; The painting is a solid structure that forms an image, an object and an artistic subject be even. Futurism: The shapes, dimensions, and the sensations produced the painting with us […]

Mon 19e tableau

Ce tableau digital mi-abstrait se base sur les mêmes questions philo-artistique du 18e tableau . Vous pouvez voir dans ce tableau ce que vos imaginations créent pour vos cerveaux, c’est vos droits . Moi je résume mon tableau comme ça : Je regarde l’espace urbain en nuit à travers un […]

Mon 18e tableau

Ce tableau digital mi-abstrait se base sur des questions philo-artistique : la beauté artistique, existe-elle devant l’œil ou dans l’œil ? L’œil regarde le réel ou l’abstrait ? Quel charme nous attire plus ,de L’œil ou de l’image dans l’œil ? Chacun pourra avoir ses réponses personnelles devant ce tableau […]