Mois : décembre 2016

(off-side 38): The Winter of Paul MILITARU

In the winter season, the beauty of the snow is is attractive. This beauty of the « cold », needs a great professional photographer, to create photographic works. This is what my dear friend PAUL MILITARU does, that greeting and I thank. I invite you all to his site (exhibition […]

The beauty and art

Image: My 20th painting « Greenery stained » My dear readers and art lovers. I present you some very interesting quotes from a book by the philosopher Hegel: This book is devoted to aesthetics, that is to say, the philosophy, the science of beauty, specifically the fine arts, excluding the beautiful […]


I present my latest digital painting creation. A beautiful creation of true natural beauty, which gathers three images full of depths, and secrets. In the midst of this calm nature, human life, with its warmth, is concentrated in a small place / refuge: The hut. I name this […]