Étiquette : numérique


My 31st painted picture (Mon 31e tableau)

My 31st: gigantic Waves It is a beautiful realistic picture, I created with digital techniques. This creation is full of emotions .It causes varied passions and sensations. We can not look at her without mental attitude. The energy of this painting out of his subject, his movements, his features, its shape and its color contrasts, that give the grand blue and white, against the … Lire la suite My 31st painted picture (Mon 31e tableau)


My 35th painted picture (Mon 35e tableau)

the return to realism, the return to the natural beauty, the return to the contradictory forms and colors that form a system full of life, full light, full of strength and full of hope and joy. I call this painted picture « sunny flowers« .     le retour au réalisme, le retour à la beauté naturelle, le retour aux contradictoires de formes et couleurs qui … Lire la suite My 35th painted picture (Mon 35e tableau)


My 33nd painted picture (Mon 33e tableau)

I want to thank many, Heartafire writer (in his blog: aheartafire.wordpress.com) for his beautiful poem, she wrote for my 33nd artistic painting  named « Trade Wind » in our collaborative work (very succeeded ): …………………………………………………………………………….  ALOZADE TRADE WIND In the Summer you are A Sahara sunrise, streaks of earth tones across the  copper sky. Your eyes are  deep wells where I am shipwrecked in trade winds, swept under  wings of golden eagles, a gathering of majestic birds. When I am near you … Lire la suite My 33nd painted picture (Mon 33e tableau)


My 32nd painted picture (Mon 32e tableau)

I let you discover this abstract painting, which I have used new digital techniques. I called: « Attack ».                                                                          ALOZADE Ahmed Je vous laisse découvrir ce tableau abstrait, où j … Lire la suite My 32nd painted picture (Mon 32e tableau)


My 30th painted picture (Mon 30e tableau)

A beautiful abstract painting, which is based on the semi-geometric shapes, direct lines, the five levels and color families. Creating several superimposed levels and dimensions which form the charm of its fabric, and produce emotional background. ALOZADE a. calls this creation: « The five D ». Un très beau tableau abstrait, qui se base sur Les formes semi-géométriques , les traits directs , les cinq niveaux et … Lire la suite My 30th painted picture (Mon 30e tableau)


My 29th painted picture (Mon 29e tableau)

A beautiful digital abstract painting. Technically, I have grouped two color families to present 2 bunk spatial levels: Basically, the fabric very eventful, where green and yellow shape several derivative energetic waves. In the foreground, the 2 colors – violet and black – form attractive round objects. The black and white lines give the whole a new linear dimension artistically « amiable ». The subject is … Lire la suite My 29th painted picture (Mon 29e tableau)


My 27th painted picture (Mon 27e tableau)

A beautiful painting of abstract digital painting. This is a stage of color sets; They are divided – in three areas – three color families, which overlap without mix. At the interior of each color family, including a variant, a harmony, and movement. I added « visual disturber » energy, throwing her arms around flax fields. I chose finally to keep the true multicolored background, this … Lire la suite My 27th painted picture (Mon 27e tableau)


DIGITAL PAINTING; Simplifications for you (2)

These are a simplified technical explanation for readers, enthusiasts and beginners to the digital painting: CREATIVITY   The digital painting is not a painting or a classical work on Photoshop photo …. This is another way of ARTISTIC CREATIVITY. How creativity is she? In Topic: An artistic picture should be based on a Philosophical MESSAGE: an idea, a law, a principle, an observation … … Lire la suite DIGITAL PAINTING; Simplifications for you (2)


My 25th painted picture (Mon 25e tableau)

This digital creation is a lovely abstract image. It is performed after long reflection and long analyzes to choose the topic, theme, structure, color families and the realization techniques. The elements geometric surfaces form a very homogeneous group that excites the imagination of the viewer, and pushes it towards the search for indicators in the real. The creative contains interchangeable spaces and times which … Lire la suite My 25th painted picture (Mon 25e tableau)


Vous avez décidé de pratiquer la peinture digitale? vous avez les conditions ? Bravo. Maintenant, vous devez …: Visiter le plus grand nombre des expositions de peinture digitale, surtout dans les sites spécialisés  (y à des milliers ).Vous remarquez les sujets , les thèmes, les couleurs, les traits, les formes, et vos émotions devant chaque tableau. Faire vos premiers choix (suivez vos compétences , vos goûts, … Lire la suite PEINTURE DIGITALE; Premiers pas


Après regarder des beaux tableaux digitaux des artistes ; La plupart de vous se demande: pourquoi pas moi ? La question est légitime, vous pouvez vous imaginez artiste digital, amateur ou professionnel , et vous pouvez commencer les premiers pas dès ce soir .  MAIS vous devez avoir quelques conditions, dont : 1) Vous devez avoir un amour  des couleurs, des tableaux , des photos … Lire la suite PEINTURE DIGITALE; Pour commencer

La peinture digitale:

Définition La Peinture  digitale (painting) est une forme de peinture dans laquelle on applique les outils numériques au lieu des  techniques traditionnelles  (crayon, peinture à l’huile,  fusain, empâtement, acryliques,  ) Pour plus sur La peinture digitale clic ici. ALOZADE Ahmed