Étiquette : psychic subject


« Memories fading away »

ART and DESIGN My creations « Memories fading away » Description : The living space, which dominates our thoughts and consumes most of our time and energy, is actually a very small part of the physical and psychological universe.Each universe is infinite and hierarchical in our eyes, with a harmonious mixture of image and time.It is the psychophysical discipline that I tried to introduce, in this … Lire la suite « Memories fading away »

« Neurons in harmony » – ALOZADE

My artistic creations « Neurons in harmony » Creation day: July 16, 2020 If, in socio-cultural systems, relationships and communications are very complicated, very energetic and very diffuse. The analytical vision of these systems reveals a stratification and reveals concentric sub-systems, some located in dark areas, others in lighted areas.The drawn creation represents an image of this system, with its multicolored elements, its infinite movements, its … Lire la suite « Neurons in harmony » – ALOZADE


My recent  lyrical abstract artistic creation: « Blood migration »

My recent  lyrical abstract artistic creation « Blood migration«  Description: « Blood migration » is an artistic creation of the free imagination, born in the psychic conditions of sanitary isolation, which I saw, like most of the peoples of the earth, during this pandemic of covid-19. I imagined a very dinamic abstract space, impressed by its cloudy environment, and its eventful elements. The movements are characterized by … Lire la suite My recent  lyrical abstract artistic creation: « Blood migration »


Expressionist work of ALOZADE: « In front of the unknown »

Expressionist work of ALOZADE b) Neo-realistic catalog « In front of the unknown » Description: This work is an Expressionist painting; His artistic and aesthetic beauty lies in his psychic and sensational subject, his exciting structure, his proferseurs, his homogeneous colors and his brushstrokes, technically, imressionnistes. This neo-realistic artistic creation of contemporary art, is a new style of figuration that combinesrealism with the abstract. TITLE  PAINTING: … Lire la suite Expressionist work of ALOZADE: « In front of the unknown »