Dear friends and readers:
I have chosen for you, beautiful images of  plants, they have excellent natural and artistic beauty.
These pictures are taken by three friends, whom I thank, many:

  1.  Paul Militaru in his blog
  2.  Annica in his blog
  3.  Mary mageau in hisblog

2) Photos of Annica:




[To respect cultural property; Please, ask permission to Annica,  before download or use these photos.]


20 Comments on “BEAUTY IN NATURE (D2): Photos of plants (Art and beauty Images for you-8-)

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  2. A great thanks to you all with all of my heart! You make me so happy to share the joy I feel for each photo <3
    Special thanks to you Paintigi! That will help me to convey out the beauty to more people 🙂

  3. These are 2/5. there still to 3 posts on the flowers. for the sake of my readers friends.

  4. They are all so beautiful. Especially the second flower with the dark backdrop.

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