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Artist amateur specialty: Digital Painting. university research scientist, I test to enjoy my experience in classical drawing for years, my technical and scientific knowledge -aussi- of my training, methodological, psycho-philosophical ..to choose my subjects, my features and my colors. 68 years old, I live in Casablanca - Morocco

Beautiful lakes of the world


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Art and beauty Images for you Beautiful lakes of the world Dear friends and readers I chose – for you – pictures of exceptional beauty: the beauty of the Lakes, the beauty of surfaces, shapes, colors and especially romantic beauty. … Lire la suite

Architecture of Shenzhen


Beauty of Art and Images for you ARCHITECTURE is digital Author: Yida Xu. Source: flickr.com The beauty of the architecture of Shenzhen City Shenzhen is a sub-provincial city of Guangdong Province in China. It has only really developed since 1980 … Lire la suite

Beauty of the islands: St. LUCIA ISLAND


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BEAUTY OF ART AND IMAGES FOR YOU Beauty of the islands: St. LUCIA ISLAND Source (4 photos): maxpixel.net Saint Lucia is the queen of Caribbean beauty, with its twin volcanic peaks, crescent-shaped beaches, golden-sand palms, small fishing villages, reefs, waterfalls … Lire la suite

I saw for you , one of the most beautiful seaside cities in the world: SAN SEBASTIAN


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I saw for you 5) One of the most beautiful seaside cities in the world: SAN SEBASTIAN During my trip to Spain in August 2019, I took special photos for my dear friends and readers of my site. I hope … Lire la suite

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe


Beauty of art and images for you   The festivales The Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2006 Author (2 photos):Edinburgh Blog . Source: flickr.com The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, is an artistic festival inaugurated in 1947 that takes place every year in August … Lire la suite

My last abstract expressionist artistic creation :  » Multi-background « 


My last abstract expressionist artistic creation  » Multi-background «  Description: An exceptional and impressive artistic creation, with its surrealistic expressionist structure. Its subject is a system of multi – images , multi – background and multi – environment, which is … Lire la suite



A MASTERPIECE, IN THE HISTORY OF PAINTING DIEGO RIVERA Dos Mujeres, portrait of Angelina Beloff and Maria Dolores Bastian (1914) Diego Rivera, born December 8, 1886 in Guanajuato (Mexico) and died November 24, 1957 in San Ángel (a wealthy district … Lire la suite