Dear friends and readers.
In this new category of my site, I will give you a simplified idea, to understand the structure of one of my artistic creations: its elements, layers, ideas, technical construction …

This analysis does not aim to guide you, influence your taste or frame your imagination.
I hope you enjoy this category and help beginners in digital painting.



My 45th table, is an overlap of 5 different spaces (not 5 layers). Each space is a mini-system:

Space  A :

It is the background, which plays the role of the basic medium of creation, It is stable and solid; These 3 colors form a dark family



Space B :

Space of the « objects » which have an order and directions, it represents the 1st infrastructure of the creation.


Space C :

Space of the 2nd infrastructure, which forms here, an agglomeration of living elements (light colors), structured and geometric.


Space D:

Space of instability, of complicated movements, its color reflects its energy and its fluidity.


Space E:

Here the movements of the « inhabitants » are represented by twisted lines which intersect without any strict laws. These lines – with their changing directions and shapes – produce red heat.


In the (complicated) life of the spaces and families of elements come together and chauvochent, to create a great system (imagine: Oasis, Habitat, Forest, village ..)
If we put 2 spaces on the bottom, we already get a beautiful artistic creation. For example, A + B + C =


A+D+E =



24 réflexions sur “THE STRUCTURE OF A CREATION: 1) My 45th

  1. Ahmed, interesting to understand the elements & coloring for this painting. It’s an educational lesson. Now I’ll think at a deeper level when I look at your digital paintings. Noticed the choice of states & pillows. Virginia has an open mountainous type scene pillow. D.C. has more of a busy, bustling scene pillow. Very nice set up for an extraordinary painting! 💛 Christine

  2. So there are five worlds in a view… and the viewer has to find a way to slide from one world to another in order to get to the meaning.

    A is totally amorphous,
    B is the linear ordering (simplest structure),
    C is the well-defined structure,
    D -which looks like fire- may be also a structure, but already too complicated to understand,
    E could be the level of consciousness and communication

    or maybe I’m wrong 🙂

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