My 54th painted picture: « Megalomaniac »



Another beautiful digital abstract painting. Which necissité long duration of research, analysis, imagination, and structuring, before realization.

Technically, I summarize this creation with 3 words:
* Infinite Depth
* Size
* Homogenity of families of colors

54_d2Background image

The subject is infinitely variable. So I leave you – still – practicing the 4 « brain games » sensation, perception, visualization and imagination.

Because of its psychic effect of grandiose, I named this 54th creaton: « Megalomaniac« 



Thank you the author of the original photo of this room: sasint, in

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  1. thank you for liking my little hedgehog – i was just having fun trying to work out/learn how to animate/createvideos without using elaborate software with stick people – i have to take more time which never seems to be enough

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