Shanghai, New Chinese architecture

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Shanghai, New Chinese architecture

I chose fantastic images from Shanghai, which represent the art and culture of the new Chinese architecture:




The towers of Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone (陆家嘴金融贸易区) at PuDong, Shanghai – seen from The Bund.

Author: Nicholas Poon. Source:


This is one of Shanghai’s busiest and largest interchange that caters to thousands of vehicles every hour.




Shanghai Lights

Author: whiz-ka. Source:

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Twisting Tower in Shanghai

This high-rise is situated in the most prosperous economic center of Shanghai. As an economic center of a huge developing country, Shanghai is developing at an exponential speed. The old city as well as the life-style of the old city is disappearing swiftly. Unfortunatley, the demise of chinese life-style may result in oblivion of the traditional Chinese aesthetics. This building is aimed at producing a subtle sense of Chinese beauty like a cheongsam flower. It studies the relations between sunlight and time to achieve geometric variables based on the instant relations between different surfaces.”

Photo Source:


View of Pudong apartments in the background of skyscrapers, seen from HongTa (St. Regi’s)

Author: Jacob.jose. Source:


China Pavilion of Expo 2010, Shanghai

Author: lucia wang. Source:


Shanghai Tower, tallest building in China

User: Baycrest. Source:

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