Beauty of Nature: ..The small islands are beautiful

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Beauty of Nature:

The small islands are beautiful

The small islands have a special charm, they are the last refuges for living natural elements, places of geological treasures, bioclimatic micro-systems and isolated romantic paradises.
I hope these photos will give you a great pleasure


Isola d’Albenga, Italia

Author: ninocare  . Source:


Husøy, Senja, Norway

Author: Nelson Minar  . Source:


thimble islands, Stony Creek , Branford, Connecticut. USA



The small island Daskalio across Poros, Greece

Author: Evgeny L. . Source:


Paradise Island, Philippines

Author: rmac8oppo . Source:


Mokopuna Island north of Matiu/Somes Island in Wellington Harbour, Wellington, New Zealand

Author: Pseudopanax . Source:


Castle Stalker, Loch Laich, an inlet off Loch Linnhe, Scotland

Author: Gustavo Naharro . Source:


Antigua – Small Island in the Hansons Bay, New Zealand‘s Chatham Islands archipelago

Author: giggel  . Source:


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  1. I dream a lot to have a small beautiful and calm island to live a romantic life (to free oneself, to flee societies, to think philosophically very deep, and to make love all the time and everywhere)😚

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