Beautiful unknown islands of the Mediterranean

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Beautiful unknown islands of the Mediterranean


Author: Karel Hrdina. Source: fr.wikipedia

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Island of Mljet ( Croatia )

The charming island of Mljet, 90% covered with forests, in the extreme south of Croatia is a small paradise with its wild and mountainous landscapes.



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Skyros island ( Greece )

The beautiful island of Skyros presents a small paradise of 200Km2. Its beauty lies in its diversity of landscapes: To the north, forests and small picturesque white villages and to the south, a wild desert region.





Menorca, Balearic Islands (Spain)

The least visited island of the Balearic archipelago, was declared “World Biosphere Reserve” by Unesco in 1993
It is a beautiful island with its charming beaches, archaeological sites, small coves with translucent green waters, and small villages.


Author: Pierklaud . Source: fr.m.wikipedia


Author: Giuseppe6073 . Source: commons.wikimedia

Ischia island (Italy )

Ischia is a very beautiful but poorly known island. It has 3 sources of charm:
* Ishia Ponte, the historic center with its authentic alleys and Aragonese castle
* Ishia Porto, quiet little fishing village.
* the hydrotherapy the main activity of the city.


Author: Dion Hinchcliffe. Source: flickr


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Gozo island (Malta)

The secondary island of the Maltese archipelago, Gozo is a small island 14 km long and 7 km wide, it is attractive with its mostly rocky coast form mysterious caves and idyllic landscapes, two pretty beaches of red sand- orange, its pretty villages, its dive club and its temples of Ggantija classified with the world inheritance of UNESCO (3000 years old) ..



Author: Yacht Rent . Source: flickr

Lastovo island ( Croatia )

Small island of 50km2 and unknown by tourists, Lastovo is a paradise for romantics who love the quiet, small charming villages, secret coves, green forests, beautiful beaches of golden sand and especially solitude.

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