Sculptures not very famous in Krakow


Sculptures not very famous

in CRAKOW – Poland

I have sought, in several countries, artistic eauties, little known; Here’s what I found for you

monument-4005625_1280Author: JerzyGorecki  . Source : needpix

“Student”, fountain statue in Mariacki square in Old Town

Monument_of_Polish_mathematicians_Stefan_Banach_and_Otton_Nikodym_(2016,_designed_by_Stefan_Dousa),_Planty_Garden_Park,_Podzamcze_street,_Old_Town,_Krakow,_PolandAuthor: Zygmunt Put Zetpe0202  . Source : commons.wikimedia

Monument of Polish mathematicians Stefan Banach and Otton Nikodym (2016, designed by Stefan Dousa)

29300818804_27ca3179c4_kAuthor: Eugene Kaspersky. Source : flickr

Igor Mitoraj’s sculpture “Eros Bendato” (“Eros Tied”)

28459964091_ad99c39cba_kAuthor:Jochen Bullerjahn. Source :

Musical sheep statue in front of the Town Hall Tower

Grunwald_in_KrakowAuthor: victorgrigas . Source : commons.wikimedia


(Battle in the war of the Kingdom of Poland-Lithuania against the Teutonic Order -July 15, 1410-)

399px-Juliusz_Slowacki_Memorial_(Lilla_Weneda_monument),_1885_by_sculptor_Alfred_Daun,_Planty_Garden,_Old_Town,_Krakow,_PolandAuthor: Zygmunt Put Zetpe0202 . Source : ru.wikipedia

Juliusz Slowacki Memorial (Lilla Weneda monument), 1885 by sculptor Alfred Daun, Planty Garden, Old Town

7103061303_68af3ee29a_kAuthor: Xuanxu. Source : flickr

Wawel Dragon

35123594476_f7101c5cc6_kAuthor: Artur Nowacki. Source : flickr

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAuthor: magro_kr. Source : flickr

Sculptures by Jan Raszka at the entrance of the AGH University of Science and Technology main building, Mickiewicza av.

3709194327_341dc2f66f_kAuthor: Börkur Sigurbjörnsson . Source : flickr

Title photo: Author: Victor van Werkhoove. Source: flickr


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  1. A good selection of photos, it is many years now since I visited Poland and considering the country has been flattened many times with wars, WWII was the worst and even so the cities have been maticulously restored and kept very clean. Different places have a strong sense of peacefulness.

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