The most beautiful artistic works of love

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The most beautiful artistic works of love

It’s February 14 … I wish you a lot of lasting love

“Love is the fusion of two souls into one: it is a sympathy that unites two hearts so much that one does not have a feeling that is not shared by the other. Once we love, love takes hold of our whole being so well that there is nothing left but it in us, as when we are on the ocean in a boat, and that we only see the sky and the water merging.” Honoré de Balzac ; The Last Fairy (1823)

414px-DickseeRomeoandJulietSource : fr.wikipedia

Romeo and Juliet – (1884) – by Frank Bernard Dicksee

24507867486_91377ee7f7_kAuthor: Gandalf’s Gallery . Source : flickr

  Kisses and Coffee -(2014) by Ron Hicks

354px-PIERRE-AUGUSTE_COT_-_Primavera_(Museo_Metropolitano_de_Nueva_York,_1873._Óleo_sobre_lienzo,_213.4_x_127_cm)Source : fr.wikipedia

Springtime – (1873) – by Pierre Auguste Cot


1606000q64n6q0149p10Source : kknews

En BancaRon Hicks

480px-Francesco_Hayez_008Source: commons.wikimedia

The Kiss – 1859 – by Francesco Hayez

800px-Anders_Zorn_-_The_Embrace_1882-83Author: Bukowskis . Source : commons.wikimedia

The Embrace – (1885) – Anders Zorn

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