The most beautiful and the most expensive rocks: Opal

The most beautiful opal in the world, worth $ 1 million: « Virgin Rainbow »

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The most beautiful and the most expensive rocks

Red Fire Opal 2

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An opal is a mineral composed of hydrated silica (…), with traces of uranium, magnesium, calcium, aluminum, iron, arsenic, sodium and potassium. The water content is usually between 3 and 9%; it can reach 20% depending on the variety (…)
It is made up of three very distinct mineral species:
cristobalite; Tridymitis; Hydrated amorphous silica.

« Sunset Fire Opal »

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The most famous but also the most expensive Opals are black Opals. These are truly sumptuous and collectors are snapping them up. The finest speciements from Australia can have prices in excess of $ 24,000.

« black opal » from Nevada, USA

Image source : flickr / James St. John

Olympic opal Australis is the name of the world’s most expensive massive 3.45 kg (7.6 lbs) opal found in the Coober Pedy in 1956, valued at $ 2.5 million in 2005 .(I did not find a free photo of this opal, Sorry)

Precious opal from the Tertiary of Ethiopia

Image source : commons.wikimedia / James St. John

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