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Poeke Castle

Image source: / Marc Ryckaert

Poeke Castle ( français : Château de Poucques) is an old castle located in Belgium, in the town of Aalter (in the province of East Flanders).
The date of construction of the first castle there is unknown, but it is certain that it already existed in 1139. It had played an important role in the conflicts of the 14th century.
The old feudal castle destroyed by Philippe le Bon in 1453 The current castle was built, from 1743, on the ruins of the old one.
In 1977, the castle became the property of the municipality of Aalter, which now uses it for cultural meetings and festivities.
The building and its park (of area 56 ha) is entirely surrounded by water and accessible by two bridges, from the front and from the rear.

Image source: flickr / ArcheoNet Vlaanderen
Image source: 3.bp.blogspot
The dog kennel on the castle domain ( Image source: nl.wikipedia / Funkyxian )
Poeke castle, interior ( Image source: commons.wikimedia / Donar Reiskoffer )
Poeke castle, details ( Image source: commons.wikimedia / Donar Reiskoffer )

Image of title, source: / Marc Ryckaert

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