One of the beautiful small towns of the world: COCHEM


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Beauty of Art and Images for you COCHEM – Germany One of the beautiful small towns of the world Sehl (on the river Moselle) is a part of the town of Cochem Author: Vincent van Zeijst . Source: Cochem … Lire la suite



Beauty of Art and  Images for you On this page,  i am looking for my readers the art, beauty, creativity, impressionism …. where are, in our life Beautiful place : CANCUN Author: dronepicr  . Source: Source: Cancún is a … Lire la suite

Birthplace of E. Bernal: BOGOTA


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Birthplace of Egan Bernal: BOGOTA Author: yonolatengo. Source: This Sunday, July 28, 2019, Egan Arley Bernal Gómez – at the age of 22 – becomes the youngest winner of the yellow cycling jersey of the Tour de France. Here … Lire la suite

The festivales: RIO CARNIVAL


Beauty of art and images for you The festivales: Beauty of colors, shapes and movements    RIO CARNIVAL Author (2004): Andre Telles  . Source: Author (2015): nateClicks . Source: The Carnival of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) is a festival that … Lire la suite

Do you know this mexican place ?


Beauty of Art and  Images for you Do you know this place ? Author: dronepicr  . Source: Source:   Sourceof 3 photos: Tulum Archaeological Site Source:   Author: Dronepicr . Source: Source: Author: Mardetanha  . Source: … Lire la suite