Beauty of the islands: Indefatigable Island


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BEAUTY OF ART AND IMAGES FOR YOU Beauty of the islands: Indefatigable Island Indefatigable Island (Santa Cruz Island)  is an island in the country Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean, it is one of the Galapagos Islands with an area of … Lire la suite

(6 b) Beauty of arranged flowers: .. IKEBANA art


Beauty of Art and Images for you —————————— The beauty of nature’s images (6 b) Beauty of arranged flowers: IKEBANA art « Only one rod never dies ». That’s the Japanese floral philosophy Ikebana has been imagined as an echo of the … Lire la suite

8b) …. Metropolitan Museum of Art


Beauty of Art and pictures for you MUSEUMS (8b) Metropolitan Museum of Art NEW YORK CITY b) Sculpture masterpieces: Sarcophagus of Harkhebit, Late Period, Saite, Dynasty 26 reign of Psamtik I–Amasis 664–525 BC Saint Barbara, ca 1510 Author for 2 … Lire la suite

My latest abstract creation: …. » The ardent feelings « 


My latest creation, style « abstract expressionist«  Description:  » The ardent feelings  » is a hot and dreamy artistic creation. I imagined in this work 2 different structures that represent 2 types of elements, 2 environments, and 2 families of colors. … Lire la suite

Beautiful small town: COCHEM – Germany


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Beauty of Art and  Images for you On this page,  i am looking for my readers the art, beauty, creativity, impressionism …. where are, in our life COCHEM – Germany One of the beautiful small towns of the world I … Lire la suite