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4 most beautiful national parks in the world

Art and beauty images, for you 4 most beautiful national parks in the world Iguaçu National Park (Argentina / Brazil): Grand Canyon National Park (Arizona, USA) : Khao Sok National Park (Surat Thani Province, Thailand): Banff National Park (Alberta, Canada): Title photo: Banff National Park (Author: Kyle Greenberg […]

« Interactions of spaces »

My artistic creations « Interactions of spaces » By ALOZADE Ahmed When color families change, when characteristics change and when movements change; We will be in front of several spaces, each forming a unique system but not isolated from other neighboring systems.Interactions between spaces combine many very diverse forms: forms […]

« Green attacked » – by ALOZADE Ahmed

My artistic creations « Green attacked » – by ALOZADE Ahmed In the ecology – as in the psychic – the elements, the relations and the communications are very complicated, sometimes soft and other times offensive and very energetic. The analytical view of these systems reveals a stratification, subsystems of […]

Famous trains of the world: The yellow train

Art and beauty images, for you Famous trains of the world The Ligne de Cerdagne (The yellow train) The Villefranche line or Cerdagne line, is a 62.5 km long metric gauge railway line in the French department of Pyrénées-Orientales.It connects Villefranche – Vernet-les-Bains station to Latour-de-Carol – Enveitg […]