19th century classical Spanish painting


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19th century classical Spanish painting   Photo author: en.m.wikipedia Coronation of Don Manuel J. Quintana [Winner of « Spanish poet »] – (1859) Luis López Piquer  (1802–1865) Photo Source: commons.wikimedia View of the Port of Miravete, Old Madrid Road – (1869) Manuel … Lire la suite

Spring landscapes


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Art and beauty Images, for you Nature pictures Spring landscapes In the midst of this global health crisis, I present these few photos to improve your morale: Author:Kerterui  . Source: pxhere Author: enriquelopezgarre  . Source: pixabay Source: goodfreephotos.com in California Author: … Lire la suite

BACHELARD, Art, create, imagine, dream, …


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Philosophy of beauty Quotes from Gaston BACHELARD: Art, create, imagine, dream, … Gaston, Louis, Pierre Bachelard, born in Bar-sur-Aube on June 27, 1884 and died in Paris on October 16, 1962, is a French philosopher of science, poetry and time. … Lire la suite