Étiquette : Beauty

Notice to all my friends

Notice to all my friends Here is my surprise at the end of 2020, clothes with great art, for those who love artistic beauty. I offer you some samples of the dresses decorated with my works.You can see the complete collection at: legaleriste.com/ahmed.alozade The collection here I appreciate […]


Beauty of art and images for you BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLIES Living artistic works. To the pleasures of your eyes Author: Marie et Didier PHOTOWEHRLI . Source: flickr Author: ulleo . Source: pixnio Source: pixnio Author: gardener41 . Source: flickr Author: Miwok . Source: flickr Author: Didier . Source: flickr Author: Didier . Source: flickr Author: […]

Do you know this area ?

Art and beauty images, for you Do you know this area ? Answer: Hoàng liên sơn – North of Vietnam Title photo: Author: Zeugma fr . Source: commons.wikimedia My recent artistic work of today (June 18, 2020) Click on the image to enlarge

Sculptures not very famous: YEREVAN – Capital of Armenia

BEAUTY OF ART AND IMAGES FOR YOU Sculptures not very famous YEREVAN – Capital of Armenia Place de France, Yerevan Author: Agamitsudo. Source: commons.wikimedia.org The actors of film « The Men » Author: Tamara Areshian. Source: commons.wikimedia.org Sculpture of children’s railroad « Hovaz » Author: Armineaghayan. Source: commons.wikimedia.org Statue of William Saroyan […]

The coast of Cinqueterre

Beauty of Art and Images for you The coast of Cinqueterre (Liguria, Italy) A port of « cinqueterre » Author: Harald_Landsrath. Source: pixabay.com The Cinqueterre form part of the coast of the Italian Riviera, in Liguria, west of the town of La Spezia. The Cinque Terre includes five villages: from […]