Early spring in Morocco

Photos of my country

Early spring in Morocco

I took these few photos – for you my friends – in the suburbs of my city, during this month of March. It is the beginning of the spring in Morocco (Temperature max 19 ° min 10 °):

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Personal photos of ALOZADE Ahmed.
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31 réflexions sur “Early spring in Morocco

  1. Well, maybe we should take an example by nature. No matter the circumstance, stay strong and thrive 😉

  2. Beautiful pictures. Very similar surroundings of the beginning of Spring over her in The Netherlands and West-Germany.

  3. Welcome to Morocco my dear friend. 💚
    My country has a beautiful nature, an interesting history and a wonderful climate …. but, it is under developed culturally, socially and economically.

  4. It is still frozen here in Connecticut, U.S., so I treasure seeing your flowers. I am totally ignorant about Morocco. After I finish studying India(about which I was also ignorant) I will turn my attentions to learning about Morocco. Thanks.

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