Étiquette : ALOZADE Ahmed

Stock Art : My recent in Artmajeur

STOCK ART My recent work in Artmajeur « Vital machine » « VITAL MACHINE »is an abstract expressionism painting, the most sought after style in stock art. The artistic beauty of this painting and its aesthetic resides in its subject of free imagination; It’s created with elements that have minimal relation to […]

« Woody unconscious »

My artistic creations « Woody unconscious» by ALOZADE Ahmed « Wooded unconscious » is an artistic creation of the abstract expressionist style.Its subject: the contradictions between the surface and the deep don’t stop at the colors, they also affect the forms, the movements and the reactions. this does not prevent dynamic […]

« The red window »

My artistic creations « The red window » by ALOZADE Ahmed « The red window », is an artistic creation, of Contemporary Art, of the semi-abstract style, with an impressionist technique.Its subject: An abstract image born from a free imagination, where many elements attract real criteria hidden deep in our memory. Thus, […]

« It defies nature »

My artistic creations « It defies nature » by ALOZADE Ahmed « It defies nature » is a painting of abstract expressionism; Its artistic and aesthetic beauty lies in its subject of the free imagination; It is created with elements that have minimal relation to real nature, but it retains the attraction, […]

YOU, Art lovers

Especially for you My art on North American productions (Montreal) Here With a single gesture: You encourage Contemporary Art You encourage your artist who creates works You get rare and exceptional clothes You will find a charming gift (or gift card) for your loved ones You can benefit […]