The beauty of the images of nature: (3)THE FALLS

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The beauty of the images of nature (3)


I was looking for you – my dear friends – images that bring together the beauty of nature, the sweetness of water, the grandiose reliefs and the beauty of photography.
I hope you find a great pleasure


Shot from Seven Sister Falls, Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya, India

Author: R4robin. Source:

Waterfalls Iguaçu Brazil Aerial View

Waterfalls Iguaçu Brazil, Aerial View

Source: freegreatpicture


The waterfall at Kilt Rock, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Author: Alexbrn. Source:


Iguaz falls, Misiones Province, Argentina. Aerial panorama; rainbown



Marleshwar Fall, Maharashtra – India


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detian-waterfalls-china-also-known-as-ban-gioc-vietnam-detian-waterfalls-china-also-known-as-ban-gioc-vietnam-101743092USA :



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  1. I doubt I’m that unusual, but I do love beauty and it always speaks loudly. You must be the same as you see beauty and transmit it every day.

  2. Oh, I can’t wait! You are most kind, Sir. I love beauty, I love nature, I love people, my grand daughter says Love is my middle name, lol. Could be true, in which case I’m badly named lol

  3. You have good taste because you are beautiful. I invite you my dear, Look at tomorrow’s article with 28 beautiful pictures of the sea

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