Beauty of the islands: Indefatigable Island


Beauty of the islands:
Indefatigable Island


Indefatigable Island (Santa Cruz Island)  is an island in the country Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean, it is one of the Galapagos Islands with an area of 986 km2 (381 mi2) and a maximum altitude of 864 meters (2,835 ft). Its capital is Puerto Ayora, the most populous urban center of the islands.
  At Indefatigable Island, there are some small villages whose inhabitants work in agriculture and livestock. This island is a large dormant volcano. It is estimated that the last eruptions occurred about a million and a half years ago. There is a gigantic lava tunnel over 2000 meters long on the island that many tourists visit and cross. As a testimony to its volcanic history, there are two big holes formed by the collapse of a magma chamber: Los Gemelos or « The Twins ». Indefatigable Island is home to the largest human population in the archipelago of Puerto Ayora, with a total population of 12,000 on the island.                [wikipedia]

800px-Cerro_Dragon_1Author: putneymark . Source:

Los_Gemelos,_Isla_Santa_Cruz,_Galapagos_IslandsAuthor:Pi3.124 . Source:

800px-View_of_Santa_Cruz,_GalapagosView of Puerto Ayora                        Author:Ilyaroz .

800px-Beach_in_North_Seymour_Island_Galapagos_photo_by_Alvaro_Sevilla_Design.Beach of North Seymour    Author:David Adam Kess  . Source:

(Chelonoidis_nigra)_El_Chato_Reserve,_Santa_Cruz_Galapagos_)pic._lAuthor: David Adam Kess  . Source:





Lava Landscape


516711958_ed6512ea9b_bPuerto Ayora Harbor                                  Author (for 5 photos): Pete. Source:



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