Cliff of the town of Safi

1) Very nice photo of the cliff to the sea (Atlantic Ocean).
This is the coastline of the city of Safi in MOROCCO, in the region of Abda, 240 km south of Casablanca, and 158 km west of Marrakech.

One can clearly see the living quarters, traditional coffee shops and places to sit and watch the sea ships that pass away.

In winter, the landscape becomes exciting with big waves hitting the cliff; and colors of water and sky that changes dramatically.

Photo:ALOZADE Ahmed


2)Very charming photo taken at height of 1200 m; We see the peaks of 2500 m in the High Atlas, which rises to a few tens of km (behind the peaks of the photo) in Toubkal 4165 m.

Here the valley of OURIKA (30 km southeast of Marrakech); where we find the most beautiful floors bioclimatic World: Clean air, highly oxygenated, mild (temperatures vary during the year between 0 ° c and 26 ° c), wet (500 mm annual rainfall), and a wide variation of vegetation (forest and crops) around the living river of Oued OURIKA, and the mountainsides … which gives the image a good dose of green color in the visual space between blue sky and red and bright white rocks (schists of Precambrian hercynien pedestals and top, then lower we find the Permo-Triassic sandstone red).
The socio-economic life of Amazigh people is very original.

Photo: ALOZADE Ahmed

El jadida chevaux

3)A very nice photo I took in the city of El Jadida (90 km south of Casablanca).

In this photo there a statute that has installed (a few months) in the middle of a roundabout where Avenue meets Ben Badis and Route Oualidia.

El Jadida est encore célébrée en tant que «ville de chevaux», elle organise de nombreuses activités liées au cheval, dont le grand «cheval équitable d’El Jadida» qui aura sa 10e édition en Octobre 2017.

In the background we see the lighthouse of El Jadida recognized under the sea Name: Lighthouse Sidi Bou Afi, built between 1913 and 1916 on a hill in height of 67 m (the height of the lighthouse is 46 m, total the height of sea level is 113 m).

The Abderrahmane Doukkali Avenue with very high palm trees, down the 800 meters to the rocky coast of the Atlantic.

The houses and activities of the photo are the Quartier Bir Anzaraneis a very active popular district called Mouilha.

Photo: ALOZADE Ahmed


4) A pictures of a beautiful corner where the beautiful panoramic view.

Here the cafe (called Café Lhafa – which means the slope – created in 1921 to the north of the city of Tangier) extends on terraces « in stairs » on a slope giving a very high view towards the Strait of Gibraltar (13km from the sea).

The landscape brings together the rocky beach with its fishermen – at the bottom of the photo – the sea with its « bus » boats (which transport the travelers every hour between Morocco and Spain), and the Spanish coast with the city of Tarifà – top of the photo -.

In this mythical cafe they have passed famous celebrities artistic and literary. From Paul Bowles to Mohamed Choukri, from Jean Genet to the Beatles, to Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Sean Connery, William Burroughs and many others … and thousands of young people who dream of going beyond this strait to Europe.

Photo: ALOZADE Ahmed


311790122-1Source : aujourdhui.ma

5) The Moussem is a festival and an annual event, that takes an important place in the cultural agendas of the Moroccans.
The photo of Moussem of Tan Tan, organized in the « Place of Peace and Tolerance » of the city of Tan-Tan (city of the Moroccan Sahara).
Visitors who have flocked en masse to celebrate heritage in general and Saharawi traditions in particular.

The cultural dimension of Tan Tan’s Moussem was also amplified by the presence of journalists and correspondents from several countries.

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