The beauty of the images of nature:THE FALLS

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The beauty of the images of nature


I was looking for you – my dear friends – images that bring together the beauty of nature, the sweetness of water, the grandiose reliefs and the beauty of photography.
I hope you find a great pleasure


Burney Falls (Height: 40 m), California, USA

Author: Miles Sabin. Source:


Seljalandsfoss in South Iceland. (The waterfall falls 60 m)

Author: Randy Lemoine. Source:


The Detian Falls (Chinese Side). (Height: 60 m)

Author: Alex Berger. Source:


Victoria Falls,

on the Zambezi River on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.(Height: 108 m)

Author: flowcomm. Source:


Kaieteur Falls from Potaro Canyon, Potaro-Siparuni region, Guyana. (Height: 226 m)

Author: Allan Hopkins. Source:


Salto Angel, located in Venezuela,

is the highest waterfall in the world, with a height of 979 m

Author: Yosmary Lopez  . Source:


Godafoss Falls, Iceland, (12m high)



Havasu Falls, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, USA

Author: shilo2006. Source:

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  1. Seljalandsfoss in South Iceland is pretty spectacular, there’s something especially appealing about it, not that the others don’t have appeal, they certainly do, but that one is so pretty!

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