The summer capital of Estonia: PÄRNU

The summer capital of Estonia:


800px-Pärnu_kesklinn_-_Aerial_photo_of_Pärnu_in_EstoniaAuthor : KristianPikner  . Source : commons.wikimedia

“If you have not seen your friends during the year, you will meet them all during the summer in Pärnu” This is what the Estonians say, because the charm of this seaside town – which is located at southwest of Estonia – has crossed national borders.

Author : Kristian Pikner  . Source : flickr
Author : Andres Putting  . Source :flickr


The human traces of Pärnu go back over 11,000 years. The city was founded in 1251 by the German knights of the Order of Livonia, and it had become one of the richest trading cities in northern Europe. The city accumulated all types of architecture (from medieval to New Art ). the first major international nautical race was organized in 1883.
Author : Surreal Name Given . Source : flickr
Author : Silver Gutmann. Source : flickr
Author : Andres Putting . Source : flickr
Author : Mati Kose  . Source : flickr

Since 1996, Pärnu (40,000 inhabitants) is officially recognized as the summer capital of Estonia, thanks to these elements of strong attraction: Well-animated white sand beaches, shallow waters, neighboring islets, sports grounds, fountains, playgrounds, rich cultural and entertainment scenes (festivals, major parties, concerts, night clubs, discos, restaurants …)

26218806277_78ed99b8bb_kAuthor : Andres Putting . Source : flickr

38168938395_f497c3a361_kAuthor : Martin Dremljuga. Source :flickr

Martin Garrix at Weekend Festival Baltic

14717689909_8da12ee1af_kAuthor : Elen Juurma. Source :flickr

Change of lightsAuthor : Asbjørn Floden . Source : flickr

38617412061_4f8589a24a_kAuthor :Silver Köster . Source : flickr

Title photo:                   Author: Kristian Pikner . Source : commons.wikimedia

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