Wonderful architectural works of the world

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Wonderful architectural works of the world

I chose fantastic images of architectural masterpieces that represent modern trends in architecture, around the world.
  I hope you like them

Author: NotFromUtrecht . Source : commons.m.wikimedia

The Engineering Building, University of Leicester

Author: Hydraulics111 .Source: commons.m.wikimedia

Beijing Birdsnest

Author: self . Source: commons.m.wikimedia

Crystal Cathedral Tower, Garden Grove, California

Author: moerschy. Source: pixabay

Munich Olympic Stadium

Author: Sam valadi. Source : flickr

Gateway Arch – St. Louis – Missouri

Author: Fred Romero. Source : flickr

The Neue Staatsgalerie (Stuttgart), a site right next to the old building. It houses a collection of 20th-century modern art

Author: Matthias Forster. Source :flickr

National Library of France, Paris, François-Mitterrand site

Source :pxfuel

The Vessel in Hudson Yards, (New York )