The talent of some artists was only well valued after their deaths: 1) Paul Gauguin


The talent of some artists was only well valued after their deaths:

4 painters as an example

1) Paul Gauguin

Born June 7, 1848 in Paris, is a post-impressionist painter. he is considered one of the major French painters of the 19th century, and one of the most important precursors of modern art.
He had fled Europe to Oceania, to live in peace; but after the death of her beloved daughter Aline in 1897, misfortunes accumulated: Injury to the leg that did not heal, administrative worries, drinking, fighting for the natives, sentenced to a fine of five hundred francs and three months in prison for defamation against a brigadier of gendarmerie, under contract, he pays
him monthly payments of 300 francs, and provides him free canvas and colors, against a minimum of twenty-five paintings per year.
Ruined and defeated by syphilis, he died on May 8, 1903, on an island in the Marquesas, located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Te Fare (the House) 1892

This work, which the painter had great difficulty in exchanging for a little money in 1895, was acquired by the art historian Daniel Halévy, on the advice of his friend Edgar Degas, for 420 FF (l equivalent to approximately $ 1,500 today). In 1991 it was sold for $ 9.7m (52 million francs).
On February 28, 2017 Christie’s awarded this painting in London for the third time in its history: its value then exceeded $ 25 million.

Photo source: commons.wikimedia

Nafea Faa Ipoipo? (= When Will You Marry?) 1892

This work was sold for 7 francs in the Marquesas Islands (French Polynesia) in 1903. It was purchased on February 7, 2015 for $ 300 million.

Photo author: Beyeler Foundation. Source: fr.wikipedia

Te fare hymenee (The house of songs) 1892

The canvas was among 40 which were auctioned off during the 1895 public sale, prices then varying between 100 FF and 900 FF (between $ 357 and $ 3,214)
Sold in Christie’s, New York, November 3, 1982, for $ 770,000.
Sold in Sotheby’s, London, April 4, 1989, lot 39, at a price of $ 6.6 million.
May 6, 2008: sold at auction by Christie’s, New York. Identification price: USD 8,441,000.

Source: fr.wikipedia

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  1. he becomes very expensive and very respected …. but after his death …. humans do not value the present and the living

  2. And this is so bad a thing.
    Nietzsche once said that Some people are born before their time. 😉 And he too gained recognition posthumously. ❤

  3. The last Gauguin work I saw was in Bogotá, Colombia, it was a small sketch, anodyne, but powerfully protected behind thick glass, while dozens of other paintings by local painters in the same room had no protection.

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