Étiquette : 19th century

Barbizon school in the history of Art

Great painting artists Barbizon school Source: pixabay.com The Barbizon School (1) refers to a group of landscape painters established around Barbizon, who wanted to work « outdoors and after nature » in the forest of Fontainebleau (2).They are landscape-realists who paint the forest in the open air. Their pictorial impetus […]

19th century classical Spanish painting

19th century classical Spanish painting   Photo author: en.m.wikipedia Coronation of Don Manuel J. Quintana [Winner of « Spanish poet »] – (1859) Luis López Piquer  (1802–1865) Photo Source: commons.wikimedia View of the Port of Miravete, Old Madrid Road – (1869) Manuel Barrón y Carrillo  (1814–1884) Photo Source: commons.wikimedia Lavanderas […]