The beaches of my country: Morocco

The beaches of my country: Morocco

Oued Laou beach: The Rif mountains reach the Mediterranean Sea (Author:
Goodgirll . Source: fr.m.wikipedia)
Taghazout beach: The Atlas Mountains reach the Atlantic Ocean (Author: Eva Niñerola Caimo. Source: flickr)
Oualidia beach: The river reaches the ocean (Author: Soufiane_photo_focus . Source: pixabay)
Hoceima beach : Green and blue (author: Abdou3622 .Source: commons.wikimedia)
Dakhla beach: The dunes of the Sahara join the Atlantic Ocean . (Author: Christophe André . Source: flickr)

Title photo: Qsar sghir beach : Small beach on the Strait of Gibraltar (Author: Mohamed Amarochan. Source: flickr)

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  1. wow how can you look at these and not breath in an I’m ok I’m good. Mother nature knows how much we need her.

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