19th century classical Spanish painting

19th century classical Spanish painting


800px-Coronacion_de_Don_Manuel_J._Quintana_(Palacio_del_Senado_de_Espana)Photo author: en.m.wikipedia

Coronation of Don Manuel J. Quintana [Winner of “Spanish poet”] – (1859)

Luis López Piquer  (1802–1865)

800px-Manuel_Barron_y_Carrillo_View_of_the_Port_of_Miravete_Old_Madrid_Road_1869Photo Source: commons.wikimedia

View of the Port of Miravete, Old Madrid Road (1869)

Manuel Barrón y Carrillo  (1814–1884)

357px-Lavanderas_en_el_Manzanares_1879Photo Source: commons.wikimedia

Lavanderas en el Manzanares – (1879)

Casimiro Sainz  (1853–1898)

800px-Eugenio_Lucas_Velazquez_-_Fiesta_en_La_MunosaPhoto source: commons.wikimedia

Party in La Muñosa (?)

Lucas Velázquez  (1817–1870)

474px-Angel_Maria_Cortellini_The_Young_Girl_Andalusian_Folk_SongPhoto source: commons.wikimedia

The Young Girl Andalusian Folk Song – (1846 )

Angel María Cortellini Hernández (1819–1891)

487px-F._de_Madrazo_-_1869,_Cecilia_de_Madrazo_y_Garreta_(MNAC,_Barcelona,_60_x_40_cm)Photo source: commons.wikimedia

Cecilia de Madrazo y Garreta [painter’s daughter] – (1869 )

Federico de Madrazo y Kuntz  (1815–1894)

Enrique_Simonet_-_Danza_de_los_velos_-_1896Photo source: commons.wikimedia

Dance of the Veils [ A scene from Morocco ]– (1896)

Enrique Simonet  (1866–1927)

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