Étiquette : Lights

« Maritime exploration » by ALOZADE Ahmed

My artistic creations « Maritime exploration » by ALOZADE Ahmed « Maritime exploration » is an abstract lyrical style creation, with a tachist technique.the strengths of this creation lie in: Its dynamic, abstract and emotional subject, its complex texture, its energetic elements, its homogeneous bright colors, its double depth, and its well-directed […]

Three of my recent artistic works

Three of my recent artistic works Click on the image to enlarge A metaphysical subject which approaches the distant systemic, with a hyper complex structure, very energetic elements and well directed lights. It is the charm which touches the psychic and the spirit: Free imagination gives us the […]

My latest artistic creations

My latest artistic creations 4 digital creations: Thread: Nature, flowers Style: Impressionism Technique: tachism Prohibited to download these images.   To have a copy click here Blooming thorns_B008 Light tree_B009 Cactus with purple flowers_B010 Crown of thorns_B011  

8th exercise in digital painting

Why not you? Simplifications for you (10) THESE ARE SOME TECHNICAL EXPLANATION SIMPLIFIED FOR READERS, ENTHUSIASTS AND BEGINNERS OF THE DIGITAL PAINTING. 8th exercise in digital painting: The depth The artist works on a flat space of two dimensions (a screen in digital painting), but, it must help his viewers to […]

My 37th painted picture

My 37th painting « undefined » This is my 37th  Painting ( Created on 26 August 2016);  is a bright abstract. I hope it active, strong, your imagination and your emotions. I call this creative painting « undefined » Je vous présente mon37e tableau de peinture (Créé le 26 Aout 2016), c’est […]