Not very famous sculptures, in the world

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Not very famous sculptures, in the world

I have sought, in several countries, artistic beauties, not very celebrated; This is what I found for you:

madrid5245168796_1d662880cd_bPhoto Author: Citizen59. Source:

Bronze sculpture of a street sweeper at Plaza Jacinto Benavente in Madrid   

madridestatua_del_lector_en_madrid   Photo author: FouPic.

Statue of the reader (Madrid)       


new-york_josemartistatue-centralparkny Photo author: RyanFreisling . Source: English Wikipedia

JoseMartiStatue-Central Park (New York)   

new-york_the-knotted-gun-879289_960_720  Photo author: SAED. Source:

The Pistol Noué  ( New York )   

lnew-york_ove-sculpturePhoto author: George Hodan. Source:

LOVE is a sculpture by the American artist Robert Indiana ( New York )  

alice_in_wonderland_sculpture_in_central_parkPhoto author: GreenReaper. Source:

ALICE in Wonderland sculpture in Central Park .by Jose de Creeft ( New York ) 

Sculpture New York Art Plastic ArtistsPhotoSource:

Sculpture New York Art Plastic Artists      

tokyo-godzilla-286811694_a3a9ed7f3d_b Photo author: Paul Mannix. Source:

Statue of Godzilla (Gojira) in Tokyo 

tokyo_800px-kusunoki_masashige_statuePhoto author:David Moore. Source:

Kusunoki Masashige statue (Tokyo) 

tokyo_city-75960_960_720Photo author:olechka. Source:

Gundam Sculpture (Tokyo) 

paris-pont-alexandre-iii_13889456229_18f001e357_bPhoto author:JeanneMenjoulet & Cie. Source:

Lion sculpture on  Alexandre III bridge (Paris )         

paris_horse-1610627_960_720Photo author: junpespina. Source:

Horse sculpture ( Paris) 

moscow-holocaust-monument-moscow-1379188646xrc Photo author:Lynn Greyling. Source:

The Holocaust, victory park, poklonnaya hill  ( Moscow)  

moscow-monument-to-minin-and-pozharsky-177842_960_720 Photo author: takazart. Source:

Monument To Minine And Pojarski The Red Square ( Moscow)  

toronto_community_sculpturePhoto author: Alain Seguin. Source:

Yeouido-National Assembly Building-Sculpture  ( Seoul ) 

seoul_king-sejong-the-great-1414289_960_720Photo author: happylism. Source:

King Sejong The Great ( Seoul ) 

seoul-yeouido-national_assembly_building-sculpture-01Photo author: Gary J. Wood. Source:

Community Sculpture by Kirk Newman  (Toronto )  

the_audience-_sculpture_by_michael_snow_-_rogers_centrePhoto author: Stephen Best. Source:

“The Audience”, sculpture by Michael Snow – Rogers Centre (Toronto )  


553px-Liberation_sculpture_JerseyPhoto source:

Liberation sculpture Jersey

new_york_skyline_from_exchange_place_jersey_city_4216077074  Photo author: Colin Knowles. Source:

Katyn Forest Massacre Monument (Jersey City)   

30_K_Escape from the depths_b1

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