A masterpiece in the history of painting: ” MARINE “

A masterpiece in the history of painting:


43477611421_77221df310_oPhoto author: G. Starke . source: flickr

Marine–  (1922) – Diyarbakirli Tahsin


Diyarbakirli Tahsin (1875 Diyarbakirli – 1937 Istanbul)
  is the most important painter of Turkey at the beginning of the XXth century. The images of the sea characterize his works. In addition to his successful military career, Tahsin is constantly active as a painter. Between 1914 and 1918, he served at the General Staff Institute of Public Art and received numerous representations of naval battles. Tahsin had produced – also – masterful paintings which purely represented atmospheric seascapes.  

Other artworks by Diyarbakirli Tahsin :



On High Seas, by Moonlight 1919







Sinking of Battleship Bouvet at the Dardanelles





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