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Léon Delachaux

“The affectionate mother” (?) [Image source: commons.wikimedia / MorganeDelmas ]

Léon Delachaux is a painter born in 1850 in the Doubs (French department on the borders with Switzerland). He had 3 nationalities: Swiss, American then French.
He began as an engraver on precious metals, then jewelry (in the United States), before starting painting training.
He returned to France in 1883 for his fine artistic career (in 1889 during the Universal Exhibition, he had obtained a bronze medal for painting).
He was known as a painter and master of privacy, famous for his gift of emotional observations

Suzanne (1899) [ Image source: fr.wikipedia ]

Léon Delachaux receives the rank of knight of the Legion of Honor on November 4, 1911,
He died on January 27, 1919 in Saint-Amand-Montrond (France)
Long forgotten, until 2012, the year of “creation of the Léon Delachaux Endowment Fund” which was created by Marie Delachaux, great-granddaughter of the painter. The objective is the constitution of a documentary fund and the census works by the artist for the publication of a catalog raisonné.

“Couturière” (1905) [ Image source: de.wikipedia ]
“Father Denis has Easter” (1889) details [ Image source: fr.wikipedia ]
“Small bouquet” (?) [ Image source: baidu /]

Image of title, source: fr.wikipedia

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  1. Art is united; styles, techniques and subjects change. The main role is in the unconscious of the artist and the viewer.
    Art is therefore a silent discusion between 2 unconscious.
    We must, on the net, disseminate Art and encourage it

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