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WHAT BEAUTY IN  ART ? Everyone knew that beauty and art are related to the eternal. We always hear the sentences « a beautiful painting » « They are beautiful the creations of this artist » « your art is full of beauty » ….. But … Lire la suite

What is the difference between aesthetics and beauty?


PHILOSOPHY OF ART What is the difference between aesthetics and beauty?   The name Aesthetics is new, because the first aesthetic review, the Zeitschrift für Ästhetik und allgemeine Kunstwissenschaft, was launched in 1904, and in France the first aesthetic chair … Lire la suite

DIGITAL PAINTING; Digital art and industry


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DIGITAL PAINTING Digital art and industry Digital art uses techniques and production equipment (computer, tablet, software, printer, …); But his works are not artificial nor industrial. All artistic creations are never industrial productions; Because they are not collective productions, nor … Lire la suite