My sincere gratitude to my new sweet blog friend Cosmic Explorer for considering/ nominating me for this Sunshine Blogger Award.

The blog of my friend Cosmic Explorer called the universe unexplored, is a nice blog with very interesting words and beautiful images.

From my friend i came to know that “The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to those who are inspiring and bring sunshine into the lives of their readers and fellow bloggers.”


I am accepting the nomination and hence answering her questions (posed by the denominator) :

1.What is your idea on true love?

where there is selfishness in there to not love.
where there in the calculation, there to not love
where there for the price, there to not love

where there to sacrifice there to love

where there the loyalty there to love

where there is romance in there to love

2.What is easier? To love or to be loved?

Being loved is ever easy, but what love? !!! true ?!! rare.
Love is partly voluntary, it is a chance in life we can miss, so DIFFICIL.

3.Do you believe that we only have one life or do you believe in reincarnation?

the problem is that the concept means “life.”
If we use the same criteria I have no answer.
But if we believe that the criteria of the concept is changing radically, the answer will be yes.

4.What do you think is the meaning of life?

The meaning of life is connected with Humanity.
Everyone has roles to perform, in part, or for all Mankind (the great nation)
And everyone must leave traces in the great book of history of mankind.

5.Are you the same person you was five years ago?

In 2011 a volcano changed my life.
I am now 20% of what I was. I am now very happy.

6.How do you know you are not dreaming right now?

I always dream.
The dream is the moral
The dream is the future
The dream is the spice of happiness
The dream is the art of living

7.What is the best dream you had that you want it to come true?

I dream every day, to be in a place far from here, with the person I love.

8.If you could time travel, where would you go? To the future or to the past?

I prefer to travel to the future. There probably will be a life without many of our problems, barriers, ideologies, racism, disease, poverty minds ….. and less loss of cerebral energy and time.

9.If you could be any super hero or any famous person dead or alive for a day, who would you choose?

Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni.

10.If you could choose to change something about this world, what would it be?

Eliminate all ideologies.
Ensure a living wage for everyone. the rest free.
Force TOTAL Equality Between all the inhabitants of this planet.


Here are my nominees:







These are just very few of my dear blog friends, yet so many are there to be nominated. Due to my time constraints i am limiting the list here. I am delighted to be part of such amazing community in WordPress.

For candidates, I keep the same 10 questions I received. They are very interesting.

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