My two recent artistic creations

My artistic creations

My two recent artistic creations

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“Shivers” (10/2020) by ALOZADE Ahmed (All rights reserved )

“Shivers” is an abstract lyrical style creation, with a tachist technique.
This creation has an emotional, metaphysical and aesthetic subject.
Its complex structure and dynamic elements provoke feelings and sensations
Its bright homogeneous colors, its depths and its well-directed lights, give artistic charm.

Creation date: 06 October 2020

To see the original work .. click here

“Self-search maze”:

“Self-search maze (10/2020) by ALOZADE Ahmed (All rights reserved)

It is an artistic creation born from a free imagination. Its structure is very complex, its colors are very bright and harmonious, its movements are uncontrollable, its aesthetics are beautiful and its dynamics are warm and emotional.
The spectator in front of him will feel a psychological attraction linked to questions about his theme, his style and his secrets; He embodies the serious complications of life, where finding one’s way becomes the solution to a beautiful but difficult labyrinth.
The viewer, in every corner of this work, will have fascinating details that form complex sub-systems.
Reality-based visualization will remain weak in the face of this image, which can only be revealed through feelings and sensations.
Style: Lyrical expressionist abstract background.

Created: October 11, 2020
(Limited edition of 5)

To see the original work .. click here

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