“Jumping from hell to hell”

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“Jumping from hell to hell”

Created on November 18, 2021

“Jumping from hell to hell” (11/2021) by ALOZADE Ahmed

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2 réflexions sur ““Jumping from hell to hell”

  1. yes my dear Christine.
    it is the state of a person, a social class, a people or the whole of humanity. economic, political, health, climatic and security conditions attack humans strongly and change the environment of life radically for the worse.
    But the psychic crises of the 21st century are the consequences, in large part, of cultural epidemics with extremism, savage liberalism, populism and the death of the philosophical spirit.
    These are the causes of this depressed situation at the bottom of the cave where the colors change, the memories become utopias and hope further and further away.
    Thank you very much my dear for your comment and all your encouragement

  2. Wow, Ahmed. This painting is startlingly bold. It gives extreme feelings of disaster with no way to get back to the light. I can imagine it would resemble a depressed person who is caught in the darkest part of the brain. Profound. 📚🎶 Christine

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